This alarming video will convince you never to text and walk – EVER


We all do it, but now you may think twice before you try and text and walk

A 67-year old woman from Plainfield, New Jersey suffered serious injuries when she fell nearly two metres down an open trap door on a pavement.

The lady was walking down the street while using her phone at the time the incident occurred.

The images were captured on a security camera and show a passer-by trying fruitlessly to stop her fall.

A witness, Martin Delgadillo was stood outside his barber’s shop when the accident happened.

He said: “She was looking at her phone — the last minute — she hit the door and fell right in.”

Later in the video that has been shown on TV in the States, images showed the woman being taken away on a stretcher accompanied by paramedics and firefighters.

The woman was said to be in a serious condition in hospital.

The doors to the trapdoor had been left open by crews working on a gas line. One worker, wearing a hard hat can be seen in the video.

“I thought texting and driving was a bad thing,” Delgadillo said. “Now it’s texting and walking.” 

Via: CBS


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