All that pirated music on YouTube actually helps the music industry, says Google


YouTube have been getting increasingly frustrated by criticism suggesting that they were destroying the music industry and Google even commission a study to find out the truth.

YouTube has started the career of thousands of vloggers who just uploads clips and make, in some cases fortunes but artists such as a Katy Perry have long since campaigned against the site claiming it allows people to pirate her songs.

However, Simon Morrison, Google’s public policy manager said in a company blog: “There is a lively debate about whether YouTube is good or bad for the music industry overall.

“To get to the bottom of this question, and to better understand the way the industry has changed in the digital age, we commissioned a study from RBB Economics.

“The study, which looks at exclusive YouTube data and a survey of 6,000 users across Germany, France, Italy and the UK, will examine several aspects of the transformed industry in a series of papers being published over the coming weeks.”

The results of the study suggested that no blame can be apportioned to YouTube for poor sales and found that 85% of people would just listen to the free music on other “lower value” channels.

YouTube actually claim that they are restricting the number of pirates and if they were closed down users would spend 29% more time downloading music illegally.

“The cumulative effect of these findings is that YouTube has a market expansion effect, not a cannibalising one,” the report states.

More information from the report will be released in the upcoming weeks.


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