Almost EVERY detail of the iPhone 7 leaked by Apple analyst days before official launch


The iPhone 7 will be much faster, come in a range of new colours, have improved speakers and include a host of new features, according to a new report.

These new details of the iPhone 7 have emerged just days before Apple is expected to officially unveil the device in San Francisco on September 7.

The details come from well known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities, who has issued a new research note on upcoming flagship smartphone.

While the details, which are reported on Appleinsider, are pretty much the same as everything we have heard for the past six months, there are some interesting insights given into many of the new features.

According to Kuo, the iPhone will be available in two new colours, with Apple dropping the classic Space Grey option. Instead the iPhone 7 will come in a ‘dark blue’ option and a ‘piano black’, alongside the existing colour options of Rose Gold, Silver and Gold.

The note says the piano black colour could even be kept as an exclusive option for a more expensive high capacity version of the iPhone 7


New leaked iPhone 7 details in brief:

  • Two new colour options: dark blue and piano black
  • New storage options: base model 32GB, as well as 128 and 256GB
  • iPhone 7 Plus will have 3GB RAM, iPhone 7 2GB RAM
  • Powered by new A10 chipset
  • 12MP dual lens camera to include 4 LEDs for improved shots in low-light
  • No headphone jack, iPhone 7 to be shipped with EarPods and an adapter so people can still use traditional earphones
  • Improvements to Force Touch

Under the hood, the new iPhone will be getting a major upgrade in the form of a A10 chip which will power the phone. This will give a huge speed boost compared to current models.

Arguably the biggest change, however, will be the new 12MP rear facing camera. In addition to the widely rumoured dual lens camera, the iPhone 7 will also include a new optical zoom lens that will help to shoot much better images.

iPhone 7

Source: Apple Insider

There will also be four LED flash lights that will light up people’s faces and give more realistic lighting in low light.

And the long rumoured, and perhaps most controversial feature, will be the removal of the headphone jack.

According to Kuo’s report, which gives insight into the company’s plans for an iPhone sans headphone jack, Apple will ship the device with EarPods that connect to the lightning port but will also include an adapter which means people will still be able to use traditional headphones with the iPhone 7.

The space freed up by removing the headphone jack will then be used to improve the screen and to install some improved speakers.

There will also be improvements to the Force Touch display but the report does reveal exactly what these improvements will be.

The storage tiers of the iPhone 7 will also get a boost from previous versions. The base model will now be 32GB and there will also be 128GB and 256GB options.

The iPhone 7 will be unveiled at approximately 1am on Thursday 8th September Thailand time.


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