Amazon Acquires Shoefitr


Amazon made a surprise acquisition with the purchase of Shoefitr. The startup is based in Pittsburg and uses 3D technology to properly determine a user’s proper shoe size. Both companies kept the acquisition news relatively quiet. Early reports indicate that the company will end up moving from Pittsburg to Seattle where Amazon is headquartered.

Amazon has a few options for Shoefitr. First, the company could use Shoefitr’s technology on their primary domain, helping consumers find the perfect pair of shoes for their needs. Another option is to integrate the technology into the company’s Zappos brand. Amazon may also use the technology for all of its subsidiaries.

Shoefitr has deals with major companies, such as Nordstrom and REI. Will the company’s deals remain intact? Currently, it looks as if Nordstrom has stopped using Shoefitr technology after the acquisition.

A smart buy by Amazon, Shoefitr fits perfectly into the company’s current business model because it opens the doors for consumers to feel more confident when buying shoes. As it currently stands, shoes are one of the more cautious items consumers purchase because many consumers want to try on their shoes before they buy them. Shoefitr breaks through these initial barriers leading to potential sales growth for Amazon and Zappos.

No financial details of the acquisition have been released.


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