Amazon Deliveries Straight to Car Trunks Being Tested in Germany


Want items delivered even faster and more conveniently by Amazon? The retail giant is testing out a new delivery service in Germany that deliveries packages directly to a consumer’s car trunk.

The test phase will be conducted next month in Germany with the help of DHL and Audi.

Munich will be the first area where tests will begin and only a small portion of Amazon Prime members will be selected to participate. Amazon has high hopes for the new delivery service with plans to expand to other areas if the initial phase goes well.

Amazon has been continually expanding their delivery options. In the United States, Amazon is already offering one-hour delivery service as well as delivery to Amazon lockers located in supermarkets and various other locations.

Trunk delivery is a very interesting concept with a few details provided by the company. A company spokesperson explains that the consumer will check a box indicating that they want trunk delivery and will need to list the location of the vehicle. Using a unique authorization code, the delivery man or woman will be able to open the trunk of the vehicle momentarily. Once the vehicle is closed, the code will expire.

It will be interesting to see how Amazon’s trunk delivery service works for consumers and what makes and models have the functionality to have unique access codes for vehicles.


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