Amazon Echo lets you shop just by using your voice


These days, voice controlled technologies are making their way into almost every aspect of our lives. Smartphones have their own versions of so-called digital assistants – there’s Google Now, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana. But now, Amazon is getting in on the game with the Amazon Echo, but it’s nothing to do with a smartphone.

Amazon Echo voice-controlled shopping

Because the Amazon Echo voice-controlled assistant is made by Amazon, you’d obviously think that you would be able to use it to shop online, on the Amazon store. However, that has not been possible until now, as a firmware update pushed out today changes all that. It can basically help you reorder items you’ve previously purchased, but not too much else.

Amazon Echo CloseupTo order, simply say “Alex, reorder…..”. Even though you can’t browse the entire Amazon catalog, if you search for items that Amazon hasn’t previously sent to you, the Echo will tell you the closest thing and the price. If that doesn’t work for you, Amazon adds the item to your shopping list so that next time you’re on a device with a browser you can examine the products and order if you want to.

There are however some caveats. You need to be an Amazon Prime member (either a fully paid-up one or on the trial subscription), and the items you are ordering have to be eligible for Prime. However, it’s still a fairly handy tool for reordering regular items for your household. You can find out more details about the Amazon Echo here.

SOURCE: The Next Web


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