Amazon Granted License by FAA to Test Drones


Amazon drone deliveries have been in talks for well over a year. Trying to make deliveries as fast and efficient as possible, Amazon has asked the FAA to grant the company a license to test their drones. In July of 2014, the company sent a petition to the FAA and has since been cleared by the FAA for approval.

Unfortunately, approval came so late that the company had already upgraded and changed their drone again. The biggest issue was the slow response by the FAA, which Amazon stressed to the Senate last month.

Both the old and new design is not licensed for testing by the FAA.

Few details about the drones have been released. The only thing for certain is that Amazon’s drones will remain within FAA restrictions, which means that they will weigh less than 55 pounds and cannot exceed speeds of 100 miles per hour. Drones are also not allowed to go above 400 feet.

Under the license terms, the drones will need to remain in sight of the pilot, which makes it unrealistic for drone delivery. But it will allow Amazon to test Prime Air drone functionality. Amazon has sent a petition asking for an exception to further test their drone delivery without the drone being in the pilot’s view.