Amazon partners with Spotify for Echo wireless system


Amazon is continually looking at new gaps in the market and opportunities to build their business empire and this time they have seen their chance with Spotify.

The retail giant has announced that their Echo wireless system will play songs from Spotify as they seek to grab a piece of the ever growing streaming sector.

Echo was released on the global markets in 2015 and the wireless speaker system can respond to voice commands instructing it to conduct internet searches or just simply set alarms.

Echo is expected to be able to play songs instantly from the vast catalog of music that Spotify already have available and the partnership will be mutually beneficial with Amazon being a leader their field of expertise and the Swedish company being a leader in their own area.

Echo will respond when it is addressed as Alexa and will react to verbal requests.

Initially the service will only be available in the US to paying subscribers of Spotify and not to their already popular free tier service. This is expected to change depending on the initial success.

Amazon have taken a massive leap forward in recent months in terms of music and streaming with music being one of the most popular features on the Echo and Spotify being one of the most requested services so the partnership seemed like a natural progression.

Indeed such is the progression that Amazon are now the second most popular music site after Apple’s iTunes as a means of buying music and streaming is growing rapidly.

It seems that the partnership between Amazon and Spotify will put the pair in a strong place to claim pole position in the years to come.

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