Amazon Prime Customers to Get Free Entertainment on JetBlue


Amazon Prime members will now be able to access movies and television episodes while flying with JetBlue. The two companies teamed up to offer the utmost in entertainment to all customers flying JetBlue, including music, apps and digital books.

Non-Amazon Prime members will have the option to rent or purchase movies and music while on board.

JetBlue currently uses Fly-Fi, which offers free basic Internet browsing and a paid tier that is meant for streaming purposes. With the introduction of Amazon on flights, Fly-Fi will now be offering streaming for free to customers.

Built into JetBlue’s Fly-Fi Hub, Amazon’s entertainment will not require users to download movies or music before a flight. Instead, customers will have access to the entire entertainment library while in the air.

The two companies also offer JetBlue TrueBlue points on select purchases while in flight.

A smart partnership for Amazon, JetBlue will now greatly expand its entertainment options while Amazon will be able to further accommodate consumers. Prime Membership is currently $99 and offers access to thousands of free movies and television shows as well as music. The company’s goal is to lure in more Amazon Prime members because members tend to order more products through Amazon’s main retail outlet.


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