Amazon Prime Instant Video now supports Android tablets


Amazon Prime Instant Video now supports Android tablets, nearly 7 months after it first became available on Android. The service, which offers thousands of TV shows and movies to Prime subscribers, is now available on the Amazon Appstore.

Amazon Prime Instant Video is available now

Amazon Prime’s Instant Video service has been available on iOS for some time, but Amazon has always appeared reluctant to support Android, instead favouring its own Fire line of tablets. But in September last year, the e-commerce giant finally released the service for Android smartphones.

Amazon continued to avoid Android tablets since then, but now it has given in – an update to the Amazon Instant Video app for Android now enables the service on tablets, allowing anyone who has subscribed to Prime to watch their favourite movies and TV shows on Nexus tablets, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, LG G Pads, and many more devices.

Amazon Prime Android

However, to use the service you will need the Amazon Appstore – so you’ll need to download and install that first, which can only be done after you have enabled installation from “unknown sources” on your Android device.

Once the app is successfully installed, you can browse and view any of Amazon’s Instant Video collection in your web browser via too.

Are you an Android tablet user? Let us know if you now intend to use Amazon’s popular video streaming service, or prefer to use something else entirely…


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