Amazon Prime video service to launch in Japan. Can Thailand be next, please?


Online retail giant Amazon has announced that it will launch its subscription-based Prime Instant Video service in Japan next month, in a move that appears likely to challenge Netflix.

Amazon Prime takes its video service to Japan

Anyone that signs up for Amazon Prime will have unlimited access to videos as part of the Prime Instant Video service. New and existing Prime members will get unlimited access to the content and no additional charge. In Japan, Prime membership costs around $32.50 a year and offers benefits such as a free scheduled delivery.

The popular video services launch in 2011 in the USA, and the Japanese service plans to offer a broad choice of US and Japanese films, cartoons, anime, live music and Amazon original content. Amazon currently offers unlimited streaming video to Prime subscribers in the UK, US and Germany.

To watch Prime Video, you’ll need the Amazon Video app for Android or iOS, or Fire tablets, games consoles and smart TVs. Besides standard and high definition content, Prime members will also be able to play some content in 4K (Ultra HD).

Now that Japan is the first Asian country to get access to Prime Video, perhaps Amazon will turn its attention to Thailand in the near future. As a previous Amazon Prime subscriber in the UK, on a trip to Asia even though I was a paying subscriber, I found that video streams are blocked in Thailand and cannot be viewed without a VPN. It would be great if the service was available officially in the Land of Smiles, for all those people who don’t mind paying a reasonable sum for unlimited movies.

SOURCE: TheNextWeb.


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  1. nickcage49 on

    Probably not. Thailand is last to get everything. See an Apple Store anywhere in Thailand? There are hundreds in China now.