Amazon to Launch an On-Demand Home Services Marketplace


Amazon will be launching an on-demand home services marketplace on Monday. The company has rebranded its Amazon Local Services to Amazon Home Services and hopes to compete with Angie’s List.

Before rebranding, Amazon Local Services only offered a limited number of services in limited markets. The new Home Services platform will expand to include a broader range of services and additional cities in the United States.

A recent update to the site shows that Home Services will be live in New York, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, Washington D.C., Houston, Dallas, Boston, Philadelphia, Portland, Phoenix, Atlanta, Minneapolis, San Jose, Detroit, San Diego, Denver, Orlando, Riverside, Tampa, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, Charlotte, St. Louis and Nashville.

Initially, Amazon Services offered limited services that might help customers with their recent purchases. For example, customers might have seen advertisements for a local service provider who could help them install the new TV they just purchased. The new list of services is much broader and includes categories, such as Automotive, Lessons, Computers & Electronics and more. It seems as if Amazon’s goal is to offer any services a customer might need.

The professionals who are listed on Amazon will offer the same price as they would if you contacted them directly. And as of now, Amazon states that if a professional offers a lower price, Amazon will match it.

Amazon has yet to comment on the upcoming launch of Amazon Home Services.



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