Amazon’s Alexa is making a creepy laughing sound at its users


As Ray Parker Jnr once sang “I ain’t afraid of no ghost” and users of the Amazon Echo Smart Speaker better not be afraid either as the device has been emitting creepy laughs with some users unplugging the device out of fear and being unable to sleep.

So “Who you gonna call?” well Amazon has promised the issue will be fixed and reassures frightened owners of the Smart Speaker the chilling noises will be removed.

It was February when owners of the Echo began reporting that the device would spontaneously burst into laughter for no reason. The diminutive cylinder would randomly laugh despite no verbal instructions.

Some people were terrified of the chilling laughter especially when home alone or late at night, the laughter was described as bone-chilling due to the realism of the voice coupled with the randomness left users so ‘creeped out’ they were unable to sleep.

One user recorded the sound by asking Alexa to ‘replay the sound’ as you can hear in the video the laughter is quite eerie.

Amazon initially acknowledged the problem and stated it was working on a fix, however, the company recently said they will change the phrase used to request a laugh from the simple “Alexa, laugh” to “Alexa, can you laugh?”, furthermore, she will now say “Sure, I can laugh” before the request is executed so that it’s clear they’re coming from Alexa and are the result of a request, Amazon said.

The way Amazon has approached the fix leads us to believe they think users are accidentally triggering the laugh command.

Many users had reported they were using similar phrases to laugh or laughing before the chilling laugh came out. It was found that many users would hear the laugh after Alexa was asked to turn off or change the lights.


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