An iPhone 7 has exploded; obvious comparisons to Galaxy Note 7 are being made


After all the recent stories regarding the Galaxy Note 7, Apple maybe thought that it was an opportunity to make up some ground on their major rival Samsung.

That was at least until reports that an iPhone 7 has recently exploded after a Reddit user, Kroopthesnoop posted a number of pictures of what appears to be the destroyed device.

The Reddit user wrote: “Coworker preordered the 7 Plus, was very excited, and sent this in the team chat when it arrived. The phone wasn’t used by my coworker because, well, see picture.”

iPhone 7 exploding

It appears that the device in question was damaged somewhere between the Apple iPhone factory and being delivered to the “co-worker”.

Some reports have suggested that this may have been due to the battery being pierced – something that then caused the iPhone to malfunction and then explode.

The user reported that Apple had been in contact with and a replacement phone was in the process of issued.

Apple has not commented on the incident.

Exploding phones is nothing new with devices from other companies exploding in the past.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices are banned from some aeroplanes whilst others ban them from being turned on or charged.

The problem for Samsung is believed to lie with the batteries.

iPhone 7


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