Android App of the Week: 7 Minute Superhero Workout


7 Minute Superhero Workout has been brought straight to your phone, which encourages you to workout by dangling a story right in front of you. Developer Six to Start has taken an imaginative route to fitness applications, by mixing health and games to get people up and going. The app tracks your workout by using motion tracking on your devices camera.

Superhero Workout offers a number of variations on now hugely popular 7 Minute Workout to help you get into shape, by punching to blast away the aliens and crunch to recharge your exosuit. Each workout is different to keep things interesting.

We all know that most superhero’s have got amazing bodies, however if you think that they’re born with abs like that, think again. They had probably spent hours working out, doing push ups, crunches and whatever they need to do. Going from training in their back garden or running around town. This app seems to be mixing in real-life exercises and fictional game-play as well as we might be mixing real-life and fictional heroes here.

The exercises within the app are defending-against-aliens missions that uses the front facing camera on your smartphone or tablet as it tracks your workout, making it more interactive and accurate. To give you more motivation, you have a backstory.

You will be tasked to pilot the AEGIS One battle suit, which makes you a potential superhero (if you actually do the workouts that you’re supposed to do). The app gives you 20 missions to do which includes 20 minutes high-intensity exercises.

If you feel that you might need guidance on what to do, then there are also 12 pre-set workouts there for you.

The app has 7 minute long (or short) exercises that focus on different parts of the body. However, you can also create your own exercises when you do the Battle Workout mode, which is interactive and motion-controlled. There are also 42 body weight exercises that are assimilated with exciting exercises such as mountain climbing, power squats and many more.

7 Minute Superhero Workout

If your mobile device is too small and you feel like having a larger workout, then you can stream your app to your TV screen, as it is ideal for Chromecast.

You can watch the trailer for the 7 Minute Superhero Workout here:

The 7 Minute Superhero Workout is available from the Google Play Store for 97.74 THB.


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