Android App of the Week: Google Santa Tracker


Our app of the week is the Google Santa Tracker!

Christmas is literally right around the corner folks!

Google Santa Tracker is Google’s annual bit of Crimbo craziness, where you can track Father Christmas as he delivers presents all around the world. There are a variety of mini-games for the kids to play during the run-up to Christmas Eve.

However, tracking Santa on his journey won’t actually start until Christmas Eve but Google has updated its Santa-tracking website, Chrome extension and Android app with fun new games and features to keep up busy during the wait.

Google Santa Tracker

With just more than two weeks until Christmas Day, many families can get ready for the arrival of Santa, and now the Google Santa Tracker app can build up the excitement with plenty of countdown fun. Children all over the world will enjoy this app that not only features Saint Nick, but also elves and reindeer’s.

Come December 24th, you’ll be able to keep track of Santa’s whereabouts as he travels the globe delivering presents. They have also just re-launches their Santa Tracker site, where you can follow Saint Nick around the globe on Christmas Eve, and learn about his stops along the way.


The Google Santa Tracker app, shows you a countdown timer until Christmas Eve, and comes with Santa’s scheduled path travelling worldwide and his exact location at your moment in time! It also features numerous games for children to enjoy.

Go download the Google Santa Tracker app on the Google Play Store or go onto the Google Santa Tracker website..


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