Avoid this fake Android battery life repair app


There is a really dodgy Android app which has suckered more than a million people to download it, with the promise of repairing your battery and defragmenting your built-in storage.

Android Battery Life Repair bogus app

The app, called Battery Life Repair will hopefully be removed by Google, as it’s currently in Google Play and still available for download. Unfortunately, the app does absolutely nothing, and was brought to light by the fan site Android Police.

The site says that the app “claims to repair your battery and basically looks like a hard drive defrag program”, but it apparently doesn’t do what it claims.

The app has somehow managed to get a rating of 4.5 stars from over 180,000 users, despite its bogus claims.

Android Battery Life Repair App

The Android Battery Life Repair app looks like it’s de-fragging your RAM.

The app itself is completely free, but there’s also a pro edition that costs $3, which provides even more ‘features’. If the app actually did what it said, it might be worth trying, but unfortunately all the websites which have tested it have disproven its claims, so don’t be tempted to shell out for either version.

Websites like Android Police and Phandroid have actually done quite a good job at bringing dodgy apps to Google’s attention, as the search giant only removes apps after users have alerted them as to their authenticity.

The Apple App Store on the other hand, contains a more ‘curated’ experience, and while some might argue against that kind of ‘censorship’, it does tend to weed out some of the lower quality apps much sooner. From time to time, apps that claim one thing and do another do appear on Google Play and the Apple store, so just be wary before you download anything and check the reviews online if you’re unsure.

By the time this article goes to press, hopefully the app will have been removed.



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  2. Awesome Bryner on

    The app is still there and did nothing at all when I tried it. I tried another after and did the same thing and found more problems and said it fixed it.