Android owners can now have Cortana as their home button shortcut


Even though many reviewers who have tried the Cortana personal digital assistant on Android have not been overly impressed, Microsoft obviously disagrees because with an update to the app, you can now set Cortana as the home button shortcut.

Cortana on Android

It seems pretty strange that Microsoft would introduce Cortana as a third party app and believe that millions of loyal Android users might just give up using Google Now. But even if Cortana was even better than Google Now, which it’s generally not, many people would remain hesitant to commit to it. Google Now is so integrated into everything Android that Cortana still seems like a novelty in comparison. Still, there must be Windows users out there that would prefer to use one digital assistant on all their devices.

So Microsoft is still hoping the Cortana might be a kind of Google Now replacement for some people. And with that, the latest version of the app lets users activate Cortana from the home button directly, without having to go rooting around in the app drawer to find it.

To get the latest version which is still a beta, all you need to do is to visit the company’s official blog and complete a short survey.



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