Android devices are more reliable than iPhones claims new study


If you’re trying to decide whether to buy an iPhone or the latest Android device, this new study might make interesting reading.

According to new data, there is a very clear winner in the Apple vs Android debate.

A study released by mobile analytics firm Blancco Technology Group (BTG) claims that Android devices are more reliable than iPhones or iPads, which experience a bigger failure rate than devices powered by Google’s mobile operating system.

The reason, says BTG, is because of the large amount of bugs found in Apple’s iOS 10 update.

In its report, BTG says “failure” relates to a number of problems, such as overheating, connection problems and apps crashing.

The report found that approximately 62 percent of device running iOS suffered “failures” in Q3 2016 which affected performance, compared to just 47 percent of Android devices.

The worst performing device was found to be the iPhone 6, which had a failure rate of 13 percent – the highest of all devices featured in the report.

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Next was the iPhone 6S and iPhone 5S which both had a failure rate of 9 percent.

iPhone 6 default apps

iPhone 6

Overheating was cited as the biggest problem by iPhone users, while apps crashing and headphone problems where amongst the top other issues.

“If an iOS device exceeds a certain internal temperature threshold, it could have a ripple effect on other aspects of the device’s performance,” read the report from BTG.

“For example, overheating could lead to the device no longer charging. It could also cause the display screen to dim or go black altogether. Other residual effects could be a weakened carrier signal or the camera flash being disabled temporarily,” it added.

In terms of apps, BTG also found that Android outperformed iOS.

Instagram and Snapchat were found to be most unstable crashing 14 percent and 12 percent of the time, respectively.

Meanwhile, the report found that Pokemon Go was “one of the most unstable iOS apps”

However, Apple and iOS wasn’t alone being found to have issues related to performance.

The report also found that Samsung had the highest rate of failures on Android devices at around 11 percent. The problems reported for Android users were battery drain and issues with USB connections.

Source: BTG


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