Android is as secure as iOS on the iPhone, claims Google security chief


Sometimes it seems that not a week goes by where there isn’t one security scare or another on Google’s Android operating system.

While Google has taken huge steps in making Android more secure, many experts and users alike believe that when it comes to security, iOS and the iPhone is the way to go.

However, Adrian Ludwig, director of security at Android claims that Google’s mobile operating system is every bit as secure as iOS and the iPhone and that Android will be even more secure than that of its Apple rival in the years to come.

Speaking to Motherboard, Ludwig said that he doesn’t believe iOS is more secure than Android, saying: “For almost all threat models, they are nearly identical in terms of their platform-level capabilities.”

iPhone 7 Plus vs Google Pixel XL

Left: Google Pixel XL
Right: iPhone 7 Plus

Ludwig then said that “for sure” Google’s new Pixel phones are on a par with the iPhone when it comes to security.

He even went on to say that Android will soon be more secure than iOS: “In the long term, the open ecosystem of Android is going to put it in a much better place.”

According to Ludwig, Android’s built in safety measure called “Safety Net” scans more than 400 million devices and 6 billion apps per day for malware and other security vulnerabilities.

Ludwig says that because of Safety Net the number of Android devices infected with malware is actually very small.

He went on to say that less than 1 percent of Android smartphones are infected with what are officially recognised as Potentially Harmful Applications.

Ludwig also said that because of the various security measures introduced across Android, it is almost impossible for hackers to target to infect a large number of devices at the same time.


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