Latest ComScore data shows Android decline in US


ComScore has just released its report on the US smartphone market share for the three months ending May. The monthly report tracks the top smartphone companies and operating systems by adoption. Monthly fluctuations are nothing out of the ordinary, but they can provide some insights about how companies’ smartphones are doing in general.

Android market share falls

First off, in terms of market share for the top phone companies, the results don’t look rosy for anyone except Apple. The company saw a 1.8% increase in share from March to the end of May, and the only other company to have an increase was Samsung by just 0.1%. LG, Motorola and HTC all suffered market share decreases.

Top Smartphone Vendors US

In terms of operating systems, Android retains the top sport in the US but with a slow decline in market share. In the first three months of the year, Android fell from 53.2% to 52.2%, and with iOS’ hold increasing to 43.5% in May, Google’s Android fell to 52.1%. Apple and Google are of course the ones to beat, judging by the chart below.

The decline for Android isn’t much of a surprise when you consider that almost all Android phones are made by third parties and not Google. HTC is doing terribly, but Samsung is just starting to reinvent itself. Motorola has had a couple of different owners in its recent history and hasn’t even launched their flagship phone for 2015 yet, and the company along with LG aren’t anywhere as big as the Korean Android giant.

Android Marketshare



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