Android Marshmallow only used on 7.5 percent of devices


There was a lot of anticipation and expectation when the Android Marshmallow OS was launched back in October 2015.

Despite a host of new features, which offered improvements to battery life and performance, some six months later the latest version of Android is still struggling to be accepted by users.

The latest report form Android Developers detailed the percentage of users who are using various versions of the operating systems, having recently logged into the Google Play Store.

The report suggested that only a disappointing 7.5 percent of users were using Marshmallow.

It is hard to pinpoint the reasons behind this. Had this been an Apple OS the reason would probably rest at the feet of the users who had not upgraded their device.

However, with Android it is not so straightforward and is largely down to when manufacturers actually offer the update.

It appears that any devices that more than one year old are unlikely to have received the yet received the upgrade, with many manufacturers only offering Marshmallow on their latest flagship device.

Google native device from Nexus were launched with the Marshmallow OS but still many major handsets haven’t had the chance to upgrade yet.

It will come as no surprise that Marshmallow’s predecessors Lollipop and KitKat still own the lion’s share of the percentage with 35 percent and 32 percent respectively. What may come has a surprise however is the fact that Jelly Bean, which is almost three years old has almost three times the install base of Marshmallow.

So what will be the future for Marshmallow? Well frankly, it looks bleak, other than hassling your phone manufacturer to make the files available there seems little incentive to install the OS on older devices.

Source: Android Developers


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