Android N to be officially named in a few weeks


It seems a while back now since the Android team were looking for help in giving the Android N a proper name.

They launched a naming page for users to submit their suggestions.

At this stage it is unclear how the name will be selected, the one that appeared the most or one that Android like the most from those suggested. All that is clear is that you can’t submit any new suggestions.

It was announced on Twitter that the name will be announced in a “few weeks”.

This timeline is now a few weeks old so the consensus is that an announcement will be made around the end of June or the beginning of July.

Few clues are being given away and in the past Android have tended to be swayed by dessert names with a few suggestions coming from those in ‘the know’ suggesting it may be Nougat.

The letter N in the current name may be heavily influencing people’s thoughts but this suggestion might not be too far wide of the mark.

No doubt there will be stringent checks to avoid a similar controversy to that surrounding the naming of Boaty McBoatface so perhaps we can expect something that is more middle of the road and certainly leads to less embarrassment.

We understand that Noodles, Nacho, Naan have also been suggested but it seems unlikely that Android N will be known by either of these names in the future.


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