Android P: Next version of Android to undergo “dramatic redesign”


There are some major changes coming to the next version Google’s mobile operating system, dubbed Android P, according to a new report.

The future of Android-powered smartphones is in good hands as Google’s Android P update will be fully available for both the flexible OLED display or comes with a notch upon their release into the markets.

New phones which will carry multiple displays, like ZTE Axon M from last year will be supported by Android P as well as built-in compatibility for phones with foldable screens most notably the soon to be released Samsung Galaxy X along with releases in 2018 from other major manufacturers.

After the surprising runaway success of the esteemed iPhone X and its impact on consumers as an essential phone, even though some critics commented otherwise it is no surprise that the next generation of the Android operating software will be more flexible to be in line with the promised new styles of phones.

According to Bloomberg, the next version of Android, dubbed Pistachio Ice Cream ,will also improve power consumption and promote battery life while expanding their Google Assistant function.

Further big changes are ahead as Oreo becomes P as Google is considering allowing outside developers to incorporate the Google Assistant within their apps. This would further enhance the popular assistant in terms of being compatible and able to work with other third-party apps and software.

It is still not known if the new update will feature a visual quality jump like the one seen from KitKat 4.4 to Lollipop 5.0, however, Bloomberg stated that upgrade will be a “dramatic” increase over the recent iOS 12 update released by fierce rival Apple.

As Google prepares for the onset of a whole host of phones with different screen configurations being released, Apple is reportedly more interested in aligning focus to the development of increasing performance and reliability of their operating system.


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