Android P will stop shady apps from spying on you


Google is expected to unveil Android P at their I/O event in May this year.

The new P generation promises to come with a vital new security feature that will block access to the device camera and microphone by background apps.

This new feature will provide reassurance to the users who are privacy and security conscious and will negate any feeling of annoyance about having to upgrade their device to a new major operating system.

It has been a common practice for hackers to hijack the camera and microphone on an Android device with relative ease through many different methods. Google, with this new feature for Android P, hopes to eradicate such illegal activities.

XDA Developers have spotted source code that blocks any would be hackers from access to the camera and microphone of a user’s device making it impossible to spy on their potential victim.

Malicious apps that attempt to gain access can only do so in the foreground, this means that app will have to show a notification to the user of what it is trying to do, alerting the user to any nefarious activity. This feature was added when Android Oreo was released.

As this is the first time a security feature of this type has been developed for an Android OS, Malicious apps that can gain access to take photos and record conversations have grown exponentially over the years. Android P will bring a halt to the invasion of privacy for all users with the new OS.

Hackers in addition to fooling users to download their malicious apps will now have to try and fool Android itself if they want to gain any type of access. The prevention provided by Android P should see a reduction in digital snooping cases as it becomes more difficult for the hackers.


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