Android Pay may finally arrive this week…


It seems that everyone is getting in on the mobile payments business. Apple Pay already launched in the US last year and more recently the UK, while South Korean company Samsung is busy gearing up for its own system – Samsung Pay. Google has also announced its own service called Android Pay, which has come a step closer to being released this week (in the US at least) by way of a leaked memo from McDonald’s (one of the retailers that will support the service) that pegs 26th of August as the release date.

Android Pay available August 26th

Anyone that follows Android APK app updates may be aware that Wednesday is usually the day when Google rolls out software updates. The same referencing the Android Pay launch also mentions the same date for Samsung Pay – but the service doesn’t go live until 28th September in the US.

Android Pay is slightly different in the way it works compared with Apple Pay. However, the end result (e.g. to swipe your phone to pay for goods) is pretty much the same. Android Pay does have one slight advantage of Apple Pay, in that it works with older mobiles.

Google unveiled the technology at it’s I/O developer conference this May, but this is the first time we’ve heard about the firm launch date. Yet there’s still no word on rollout dates for other countries outside of the states.

SOURCE: Android Police.


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