This Android smartphone can last for 16 days on a single charge


Battery maker Energizer has launched a new range of Android smartphones, some which can last for more than two weeks on a single charge.

The company has announced 13 different models, including the aptly named Power Max P600S, which the firm claims can last for 16 days on standby or 12 hours non stop talk time.

By comparison, the batteries on most modern smartphone lasts around one day with most users having to charge by the time they go to bed. Some users may be able to squeeze two days out of a single charge, if they are lucky.

Some of the new Energizer smartphones include much larger batteries than you would find in most handsets.

For example, the Power Max P550S includes a 5,000mAh battery, which the firm says will last up to 20 days on standby.

Energizer’s smartphones have just been released in the UK where prices range from £15 to £400.

As well as long lasting batteries, the firm has also released its Hardcare collection, which are more robust than most modern smartphones.

One handset, the Hardcase H24OS can withstand being submerged in water for up to 30 minutes or being dropped on the ground from one metre high.

The phones have been produce by French firm Avenir Telecom, with chief executive Robert Schiano saying in a press release:

“Our new range of long-lasting phones give consumers one of the best possible battery life performances as well as superb durability, meaning that these phones have the potential to go on and on.

“Within the range we have phones to suit all tastes and budgets – and although our handsets are super-practical they have a high spec and contain all the features you’d expect from a sleek smartphone, so we believe that they tick all the boxes.”


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