Android users can now try out apps before downloading from the Google Play Store


Google’s new Try It Now feature lets Android users try apps before they download them from the Google Play Store.

The feature lets you explore a web based version of the app before downloading the full thing onto your smartphone or tablet.

It’s a handy feature meaning that you no longer have to download an app in order to see what it is like.

Or at least that would be true apart from one major problem.

The number of apps available via Try It Now is tiny – we could only find a total of just 6 apps at the time of writing.

These apps are Skyscanner, The New York Times Crossword, BuzzFeed News, One Football Live Scores, Red Bull TV and Share the Meal by the United Nations.

The fact the Try It Now is available is a good thing for Android users, just don’t expect to use it until a wider selection of apps are available.

The launch of Try It Now comes as Google announced it is offering security experts a bounty to help identify flaws in apps available to download from the Google Play Store.

The programme announced on Thursday will offer a $1,000 reward for each flaw found.


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