Android users warned after apps containing malware found in Google Play Store


Symantec, who are perhaps best known for Norton Security and Antivirus, have revealed that three popular apps that were previously available from the Google Play Store contain malware.

The apps in question are: Clean Master Boost and Clean, Fast Charge 2017 and Fast Charge X3 Free.

It is believed that the apps use three techniques that the owner will be unaware of. These are delayed attacks, self-naming tricks and attack lists received from a command and control server.

The apps are no longer available from the Google Play Store but worryingly they have all been installed by between 10,000 and 50,000 users each, and that is just in North America.

The apps work in background after “removing themselves from the launcher” and change their process name to something along the lines of “Android” or something equally inconspicuous.

It has been said that they can be used by attackers to click on ads as well as giving themselves Administrator privileges.

It is strongly advised that users install a recognised security app and only download apps from trusted sources.

Source: Symantec


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