Android users watch more adult content than iOS users


Something for the weekend, sir? For anyone that’s sick and tired of the endless tirade of new gadgets, wearables and drones that are released every week and grab the headlines, perhaps a little light relief might be in order? After some extensive research by the editorial team, it turns out that Android users view more adult content than iOS users do!


One of the most popular adult websites (hint: starts with the letter “P” and ends in the word “Hub”) has just trawled through its archive of data and come up with some very interesting statistics regarding its users’ viewing habits.

A quick hand shandy

Adult Content - Asian Girl on Comptuer

Authentic girl on a live chat session for an adult website. They all look like this, you know.

The data is very revealing. How long do you think that people spend on average on this particular adult website?

The answer is 9 minutes and 16 seconds – that’s the average time spent worldwide. And the number one viewers of adult material live in the USA. The site also claims that Nepalese viewers spend 13 minutes and 39 seconds viewing the material, whereas in Azerbaijan it’s just 6 minutes and 26 seconds – the shortest in the world.

As far as the US goes, the state that has the longest viewing time is Mississippi, and of the top 10 states, 8 are in the south of America. It must be the heat.

Furthermore, Monday is the most popular day to watch adult content in the US, but in Australia it’s a Friday.

“Big booty” the most popular search in the US

“Big booty” is the most popular adult search time on the site for US citizens, a fact that would make Kim Kardashian proud.

The Italians obviously like their own, as their most popular search term is “Italian”, in Germany it’s “German”, in France it’s “French” and in Australia….no it’s not “Australian” but rather something related to the islands of Lesbos – I’m guessing that they have a strong interest in Greek islands.

I imagine that among our readers, the most popular adult search term might be “Asian” ? I double checked my browsing history, and that’s certainly near the top of my list.

Adult Content - Beaver

The Asian beaver disappointed us as it did not make the charts. Lovely little creature.

Interestingly, mobile viewing of adult material has now overtaken the desktop browser with 45% of sessions compared to 44% for desktop. I would have thought it would be easier to use a laptop one-handed while watching the adult content, but perhaps a mobile device allows you to sneak off for a quick 5 minutes of viewing pleasure while your other half has popped out to the shops.

In terms of desktop viewing, 83.3% of viewers watch adult content on a Windows machine and only 11.5% on a Mac, with 50% of browsers being Chrome.

“You might as well face it, you’re addicted to love”

Robert Palmer summed the whole thing up nicely, but when it comes to mobile it turns out that Android has almost 50% of views on the adult site in question, whereas Apple devices account for 40.2%. You might think that’s because there are more Android devices out there, but in fact iOS devices usually account for a very high percentage of browsing on ‘regular’ sites. It seems that Android users are just downright more filthy than their iOS counterparts.

Lastly, the adult website we’re talking about managed to rack up 78.9 billion views worldwide in 2014.

Were you one of them?

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