Android users will soon be able to send SMS from their computers


Google will soon let Android users send text messages from their computers.

Code in the latest version of Google’s SMS app, Android Messages, suggest that two new features will be added, one of which will allow users to send text messages from their computer.

If launched, the new feature would be similar to those already offered by iMessage, WhatsApp and Line.

The code, which was unearthed by Android Police, reveals that Google may be about to launch a web interface that will allow users to to pair their smartphone with their computer in order to send text messages.

Google does in fact already offer this feature on its Allo messaging app, but because the app only has a relatively small user base, the tech giant will hope more people will take advantage of the feature if it is available on the more widely used Android Messages.

Android Messages

According to the report by Android Police, “Android Messages will share the same basic setup procedure with Allo”.

“You’ll be guided to visit a website on the computer you want to pair with your phone, then simply scan a QR code.

“Once that’s done, you’ll be able to send and receive messages in the web interface and it will link with the phone to do the actual SMS/MMS/RCS(?) communication through your carrier.

“Just like Allo, you’ll be able to see a list of signed in computers and disconnect from one or all of them at any time.”

Android Police notes that the code refers to the option being available on multiple computers, meaning users can sync it to their laptop and desktop, and that all major web browser, including Chrome, FireFox, Edge, Opera and Internet Explorer are supported.

The report by Android Police also reveals another new feature, with Google set to introduce RCS – Rich Communication Services – to Android Messages.

RCS will bring additional features, such as high res images, typing indicators, stickers, emojis and read receipts, to standard text messages.

However, in order to make RCS to available, network operators first need to enable it to be used across their networks, which could delay it being rolled out to some users.

There is no information yet on when the new features will be officially made available. However, it makes sense for Google introduce them to Android Messages, given the amount of Android users around the world.


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