Android’s best feature is now available on the iPad


Google has recently launched an official version of its ‘Assistant’ for the iPad, this follows Amazon’s release of Alexa Footsteps for the same device.

In May last year, the Tech Giant made their Google Assistant available to iPhone users, this allowed iPad owners to also use it, however, only in limited way.

Last week Google launched a larger screen edition on to the Apple App Store which supports portrait and landscape mode. This new edition of the virtual assistant can now compete with Siri, Apple’s own Assistant.

A recent blog post listed some features that their assistant can do on Apple devices, such as operating ‘smart lights’ by dimming or changing colours to set the mood.

Another mentioned feature was multitasking allowing the user to operate two apps at the same time by splitting the screen. This has been available on Android devices for some time.

Further features including “remind me to email the bank” and “call mum” may not make Siri users jump across, but the regularly Google groupies with iPads will lap it up!

A very wise decision by Google to make available their assistant as Apple accounts for 53.7% of tablet sales in the United States.

Amazon was the first to offer an iPad version of their virtual assistant Alexa and released it a few weeks ago with a tablet-friendly version.

So far, Google has launched their assistant in seven different languages, languages (English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil) and Spanish).


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