Anonymous claims to have hacked Donald Trump


Hackers claiming to be from Anonymous say they have successfully hacked Donald Trump and made public some of his most personal information.

“Donald Trump has set his ambitions on the White House in order to promote an agenda of fascism and xenophobia as well as the religious persecution of Muslims through totalitarian policies,” a masker speaker said in a YouTube video on Thursday.

The hackers say that it is the time “to stop any proposed Fourth Reich by the fascist Donald Trump.”

A spokesperson for Donald Trump said “The government and law enforcement authorities are seeking the arrest of the people responsible for attempting to illegally hack Mr. Trump’s accounts and telephone information.”

The hackers released what they claimed was the social security and cell phone number, as well as other information that is already public information including the names of his children, his company address and the names of his legal team.

However, it has been claimed that much of this information had already been leaked online. An article on Gawker posted back in August included the same phone phone number which features in this supposed new leak.

Earlier this week, Anonymous declared ‘total war’ on Donald Trump, promising to ‘dismantle’ the Republican hopeful’s campaign.


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