Another annoying iOS bug means iPhone users can’t write one of the world’s most common words


An annoying bug in iOS 11 is autocorrecting “it” to “I.T” and many iPhones users are complaining.

Several hundred iPhones users have taken to Twitter to highlight the problem and point out that it has only been an issue since iOS 11 was released in September.

“I know that I can simply turn off autocorrect, but I actually want it on for most purposes,” one user wrote on the Apple Support Forum.

“I have confirmed that it isn’t a shortcut that someone set up as a joke. I have also Reset the dictionary. I have also powered my phone off and on several times. It is maddening! If you didn’t know, you use the word “it” quite a few times in emails and texts.”

One user shared a video showing that the issue can also cause the word “is” to be autocorrected to “I.S” (see above), while another claims that “we” is correcting to “W.E”.
“It’s really driving me bananas,” the user wrote.

“I’ve tried resetting the dictionary, making text shortcuts, installing the latest patch and force resetting my phone, nothing is working…”

Other autocorrect issues have been raised in iOS 11 was released with the letter “I” reportedly being replaced by the letter “A”.

How to fix the bug

Apple is yet to acknowledge the latest issue. However, there is a temporary fix:

Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement.

Tap +.

For Phrase, type “it” (or “is” or “was”), and then type the same thing in the Shortcut field.

If that doesn’t work, you can turn off autocorrect altogether, although this is obviously less than ideal.

With any luck, Apple will fix the issue in its next software update.

Via: The Inquirer


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