Another Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explodes, causes 50,000 baht worth of damage


Samsung have called on thousands of users to turn off their Note 7 after another exploded in a hotel room in Australia.

The move is part of a billion dollar worldwide recall.

The tech giant has offered to provide” courtesy” smartphones to users in Australia as well as an offer of a full refund for those not prepared to wait for a month for a repair or replacement.

It was an Australian business analyst who experienced the latest problem when his smartphone burst into flames in a hotel room whilst connected to a power point next to the bed.

Note 7 explodes

Describing the incident in a post on Reddit, Tham Hua said “It started with a fizzy noise and then a pop, and then flames and smoke came out,” Mr Hua said.

“I woke up when it popped and, when I looked, fire and smoke were pouring out from it.

“I had to throw it down to the floor and disconnect the cable, and hit it with the pillow to stop the fire.”

Mr Hua returned the smartphone and has said he may advise others to do the same.

“I know people (who) have the same phone and despite knowing of the recall still refuse to stop using it,” he said. “So I hope this will reach out to them.”

Samsung Electronics Australia mobile vice-president Richard Fink said the “voluntary” recall was issued as a precaution to protect its customers.

The recall is expected to cost in region of $1 billion and is badly timed with rival Apple’s launch of the iPhone 7 on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the ongoing concern over the safety of the battery in Samsung’s latest smartphone has resulted in three Australian airlines banning customers from using of charging the Note 7 mid flight.

Qantas, its budget airline Jetstar and Virgin Australia have all said they are banning the phone as a precautionary measure.


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