This app will help you cut back on the booze and make you a smarter drinker


It’s February which means you have probably already given up on your new year’s not drinking resolution.

But now there’s a new app which can help you get back on track.

The app, called 101 Tokens, has been created by Australian Benny Wallington, who says it can help you cut back on alcohol and become a smarter drinker.

The app works by assigning you 101 tokens for a year, approximately two per week. A token is then used each time you consume alcohol, whether it be as small as a sip or wine or an entire night out.

But the crucial part is that after each time you use a token you ask yourself “was it worth it?”

This helps you look back on whether drinking on a particular occasion was worth it or not, in order to establish your drinking patterns with the goal to establish your optimal drinking habit.

By using the app, Benny says you will retrain your booze brain and become a smarter drinker.

The app is gaining popularity around the world with its Facebook group, which includes users from Australia, Europe and South Africa growing 10 fold in 2018.

“Some people call this accountability, we call it retraining your booze brain,” Benny told the Daily Telegraph.

“It works by helping to draw a mind map of your drinking habits, allowing you to identify how to replicate the good nights. Then fix, or completely avoid, the bad ones.

“It’s a concept that works in any country with a drinking culture,” he said.

The app also includes a rather terrifying calculator that reveals how much money you have been spending on alcohol.

101 Tokens is available on iOS and Android.





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