Apple dropped plans to make a 4K television more than a year ago


There was a time a couple of years ago when the rumours all claimed that Apple was working on a so-called “iTV” television set. Today, the fate of the tech giant’s long-rumoured TV ambitions have been laid bare in a report from the Wall Street Journal.

Apple shelved 4k TV plans

The report says that Apple dropped its plans to make a television set more than a year ago, because after years of research the company could not find a way to differentiate its product.

Many features were apparently considered to set it apart from the competition, for example a FaceTime video camera and chat function with cameras that sensed and followed the speaker, and a super hi-res 4K screen (which was extremely expensive until recently).

Even though the price of huge 4K televisions has come down by leaps and bounds during the past year, that still doesn’t mean the company will change its mind and release an Apple-branded TV.

Apple TV set-top box refresh

The company’s CEO Tim Cook says that TV holds Apple’s interest, but it’s much more likely that we will instead see a radically redesigned Apple TV box and remote, with deep integration with Siri and third party apps.

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Apple TV HBO Now

The upcoming WWDC developer event next month is rumoured to be the venue for an updated Apple TV launch, which looks increasingly likely as the existing model is already several years old and is long overdue for an update.

However, it’s not impossible that we may see an Apple television set one day, because insiders claim that Apple did not officially kill the project – team members just moved on to work on other things.

SOURCE: Wall Street Journal


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