Apple accidentally LEAKS design of iPhone 8


As we all know, there have been lots of leaks about the iPhone 8 and it has seemed to become almost fashionable to ‘reveal’ something about the new device.

But this is perhaps the most surprising leak of all with Apple seemingly leaking details of their new device – by accident!

The leak does appear to confirm a couple of longstanding rumours.

Firstly, the bezel-less display appears accurate as a small detail within a line of code for a new HomePod speaker.

When the code is expanded, the 5.8-inch AMOLED, edge-to-edge display is revealed.

The code was found by app developers Steve Troughton-Smith and Guilherme Rambo who posted about their discovery on Twitter.

The physical Touch ID fingerprint sensor appears to be missing on the iPhone 8 raising questions about how the device will be secured. However, this latest link appears to confirm 3D face-scanning technology.

Troughton-Smith says code indicates that there will be an infrared facial recognition feature which will belong to a new ‘BiometricKit’ feature on the new device. It is unclear whether this is an additional feature or whether under the screen Touch ID will be included that could be used to unlock the device and access apps.

The new device is expected to be launched in September so there will no doubt be several leaks before then.

How reliable they all are remains to be seen, unless of course they come direct from Apple themselves!


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