Apple announces when it will unveil iOS 11


Apple have confirmed the dates for their WWDC 2017, the company’s annual developer conference, and announced when iOS 11 will be unveiled.

The event will take place in San Jose between 5 and 9 June but it seems that the new iPhone and iPad friendly patch will not be making an appearance. They are expected in September although you should be able to get the software earlier thanks to the firm’s beta programmes.

The gathering, which is only open to developers, outlines Apple’s plan for the forthcoming year and is expected to see the Apple Watch and Apple TV get plenty of attention.

“The conference, kicking off June 5, will inspire developers from all walks of life to turn their passions into the next great innovations and apps that customers use every day across iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and Mac,” Apple’s official announcement states.

Apple have tried to keep much of the content of the event quiet but we have already seen several early iOS features leaked – as tends to be the case with many Apple products.

Amongst the updates is expected to be significant improvements to Siri as well as Apple Pay transfers being able to be made directly through iMessage.

Mobile software is also expected to witness a new iPhone-friendly floating keyboard that will make typing far easier.

Developers can register for the event from March 27 and it takes place in San Jose after spending 13 years previously in San Francisco.


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