Apple chief “deeply offended” by allegations made in BBC Panorama documentary


Apple CEO Tim cook has hit back at accusations made in a BBC Panorama documentary which claims workers in factories that make iPhones and iPads are being mistreated.

In a letter written to all of Apple’s UK based employees, senior vice president of operations Jeff Williams said both himself and Tim Cook were “deeply offended by the suggestion that Apple would break a promise to the workers in our supply chain or mislead our customers in any way.”

The BBC Panorama documentary, which you can watch in full below, aledges is that strict conditions regarding overtime is being widely enforced in the factories in China used in Apple’s supply chain and that workers are stressed and exhausted.

The documentary also made the claim that tin illegally mined from Indonesia has been found in Apple’s supply chain, which Apple admits has happened.

Commenting on the illegal tin finding its way into Apple products, Jeff Williams said: “Apple has two choices: We could make sure all of our suppliers buy tin from smelters outside of Indonesia, which would probably be the easiest thing for us to do and would certainly shield us from criticism. But it would be the lazy and cowardly path, because it would do nothing to improve the situation for Indonesian workers.”

Last year, Apple promised to tighten up its supply chain process following similar revelations of the mistreatment of staff at some of its partner firms, which resulted in some employees taking their own lives.

The new BBC Panorama documentary once again puts into question some of the practices surrounding the practices of companies involved in Apple’s production of some of its popular and sought after mobile devices. It also raises the debate about the consequences surrounding our insatiable appetite for new technology, no matter what the cost.

Watch the BBC Panorama documentary in full:

Source: Telegraph