Apple delays major iPhone updates over bug fears


Apple has brought an abrupt halt to some new planned iPhone updates and features as it fears that due to the short deadlines the quality of the product may suffer.

Apple grew concerned and put on hold planned redesign of their operating system to negate the possibility of any potential security risks or ‘Bugs’ could arise due to time pressure on their developer’s.

A source told Bloomberg that Craig Federighi, Apple’s Software Chief worried that developers while rushing to sign off on projects could possibly make mistakes, with this in mind the upcoming home screen redesign for the iPhone, iPad and CarPlay and update the stock photo app have been put on hold.

Highly regarded for several years as a technology giant and the creator of the highest quality mobile phone operating software due to their revolutionary iOS, the company has had several setbacks of late which can be put down to their frequency of new models being released.

As September arrives each year, comes with it the pressure to release the latest generation of iPhone and other Apple products giving developers a short and very strict timeframe.

Over the last ten years, Apple’s product output cycle has remained the same, even though advances in technology have made products more intricate and complicated to design, manufacture and secure.

Numerous issues have started to appear with Apple devices as more and more users are registering bugs and problems on their support forums, these range from, erratic auto-correct results, SMS messages out of sync, constant app crashes and the phone not ringing when someone is calling.

As for Apple’s fiercest rival Android, which of course is owned by Google, who are never tied to a September release date giving their developers sufficient time to meet their own deadlines and iron out any potential security or bug issues before an official launch.


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