Apple discontinues Thunderbolt Display


Apple has decided to discontinue the Thunderbolt Display, the company has announced.

The Thunderbolt display has been the standard resolution, external IPS monitor that the tech giant has been selling for the last five years.

It was left to an Apple spokesperson that made the following statement:

“We’re discontinuing the Apple Thunderbolt Display,” Apple told iMore. “It will be available through, Apple’s retail stores and Apple Authorized Resellers while supplies last. There are a number of great third-party options available for Mac users.”

There had been hope that the Thunderbolt display would be updated to match the ultra thin iMac but so far the focus has remained solely on the iMac and the new MacBook.

There have been questions raised about why Apple has chosen to make the announcement.

The reality is that existing stock will eventually dry and not making an announcement would lead frustration and speculation so Apple appear to have got in first.

The next high-density hardware launch that Apple appears to be planning will probably be alongside the new MacBook Pro or possibly the Mac Pro later in 2016.

Whether they choose to go with the existing DisplayPort or Thunderbolt technology with some new mod cons thrown in is anyone’s guess but the speculation seem to be suggesting that we may have a while longer to wait.

So for those of you who really want an external display with an Apple logo on it, now may be the time to buy it before the stocks run out.

Alternatively you could buy a third party display or hold out and see what the future brings.


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