Apple expected to introduce wireless charging on new iPhone


iPhone chargers have long come in for criticism – largely due to the fact that they have a different adaptor to the usual mini USB that has been adopted by most other manufacturers. Most people would love to change this and perhaps Apple may agree.

Bloomberg reported last week that the Cupertino based company are developing technology for wirelessly charging iPhones that may be ready for release as early as 2017.

Of course wireless charging isn’t new and is certainly more convenient than conventional wires but it still requires the phone to be placed on a charging mat that takes up space and can clutter desks.

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iPhone manufacturers are looking at introducing chargers that work further afield but have come across the problem when it comes to the time it takes the phone to charge – the further away from the charging point, the longer it takes, but if they can get it to work, it may mean that your phone could be charging in your pocket or in your bag.

Apple see this introduction as an opportunity to differentiate themselves in the market as well as boosting their sales where currently iPhone sales are flat and iPad sales are falling over the last 12 months.

The iPhone and iPad currently make up 75% of Apple’s revenue so they can ill afford to let competitors catch up in the smartphone market.

It is highly unlikely that any new wireless features will appear on the new phone expected to be released in March this year, but the “Induction” charging method that Apple applied for patent for in 2010 is likely to be developed and used on later models released in 2017.


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