Apple expected to unveil new MacBook Pro lineup later this month


Apple is expected to unveil its new MacBook Pro lineup within the next couple of weeks, according to reports.

Following the recent launch of the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2, the Cupertino firm is ready to switch its focus to its range of MacBook laptops.

Analysts are predicting the new MacBook Pro could arrive before the end of October, with all models expected to feature massive upgrades in terms of both software and hardware.

Apple MacBooks, are in desperate need of an update, with its last major redesign coming more than four years ago, when the company refreshed the MacBook Pro in June 2012.

According to MacRumours, Apple will unveil the new MacBook Pro in the next couple of weeks.

The popular Apple tech site says that the company has almost finished working on macOS 10.12.1, which will support a number of new hardware features on the upcoming laptops.

The update includes support for Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint system, which will enable users to login into their MacBook by scanning their fingerprint.

The new touch sensor will be built into the home button, so you can start the device and verify who you are all in one go.

The touch sensor will also allow you to login to websites without the need of using a password, and is expected to be integrated into Apple Pay as a way to authenticate online payments.

Leaked MacBook Pro top case showing space for touch bar in place of function keys. Image: Cult of Mac via MacRumours

Leaked MacBook Pro top case showing space for touch bar in place of function keys. Image: Cult of Mac via MacRumours

The new MacBook Pro will also include a new OLED touch bar, which replace the row of function keys currently found at the top of the keyboard.

It is expected the OLED touch bar will be able adapting and chance, presenting you with different options depending on what you are doing on your MacBook at any given time.

For example, if you are listening to music in iTunes, you might be able to quickly scroll through a playlist or skip to the next track. If you’re typing a document, it could give you options to save or print.

Reports from earlier this year revealed that the new MacBook Pro is likely to be much thinner and lighter and include an all aluminium chassis, as found on the Apple MacBook.

The new MacBook Pro is also expected to replace the MagSafe charger and with four USB-C ports with additional support for Thunderbolt 3.


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