Apple files a patent for crumb resistant keyboard


There has been a simple problem that has plagued the world of computing since the first ever keyboard was used and now Apple has filed a patent application for the world’s first completely crumb resistant keyboard.

This new innovation for the MacBook hopes to put an end to the issues related to dirt and dust falling into the spaces between keys which can cause electrical problems and loss of functionality.

The extreme delicate nature of the Apple keyboards has led to the company receiving plenty of criticism as MacBook keys are fixed in place with very sensitive butterfly switches that when fail can lead to the whole board having to be replaced which can be very costly.

The new patent application suggests several ways in which the issue can be resolved and discusses how brushes, gaskets, wipers and flaps can be applied to stop the rogue crumbs along with the installation of a membrane under each key and even a “bellows” effect in which each keystroke forces air through the board to push the crumbs out.

The application also states, “Keyboard assembly [could include]a substrate, a keycap, and a guard structure extending from the keycap that funnels contaminants away from the movement mechanism.”

The tech giant is well known for their focus on the end user experience and sleek designs, and pride themselves on providing products that customers want to own as opposed to a practical necessity.

The crumb issue may seem trivial to some, however, a random fleck could quite easily bring a machine down and at around the £2,000 for a MacBook could end up being a very costly packet of biscuits.


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