Apple investigating reports the iPhone 8 is ‘bursting open’


Apple are being forced to investigate claims that the new iPhone 8 can burst open during charging.

The news could be a big blow to the company as it comes just days after the device was launched.

Over the weekend images emerge of an iPhone 8 Plus that appeared to have split on the sides during charging, according to Taiwanese media.

The device, which had only been used for five days, was charged using a genuine charger and cable, had split if the pictures on Twitter are to be believed.

It comes just days after a customer in Japan reported that his device had been delivered with the screen partially detached.

Apple have confirmed that they are “looking into” the reports but declined to make any further comment.

It is understood that the problem was caused by the battery swelling , however it is not thought to pose a safety risk to users.

Once again it is unclear if these are isolated incidents or whether this could be a larger problem.

This is obviously a concern with the device only being released on 22 September with the only significant changes from the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus being wireless charging and improved cameras.

Source: Mac Rumours


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