Apple investigating reports of exploding iPhone 7 Plus


Apple is investigating after a video posted online appeared to show an iPhone 7 Plus that had spontaneously caught fire.

It was Twitter user Brianna Olivas who posted the video of the iPhone 7 Plus smoking after apparently not working properly for a couple of days beforehand. Ms. Olivas was asleep when the incident began.

“I was asleep with my phone charging next to my head when my boyfriend grabbed the phone,” Olivas told Mashable. When the phone began to make a squealing noise Olivas’ boyfriend threw it into the bathroom.

“As soon as he threw it in the restroom it blew up, and more smoke started coming out of the phone,” she said.  

It is believed that the problem occurred the day after she had returned it to the shop where she bought it from. The member of staff at Sprint said it “looked weird when it turned on” but after running a few tests returned the device.

Apple has replaced the device and said it is “looking into it”. Ms. Olivas said employees at Apple’s Genius Bar said they had “never seen anything like this”. 

Although it is not known at this time what caused the device to catch fire, it will no doubt raise a few concerns after all the problems experience by Samsung with lithium batteries and their Galaxy Note 7.

Although occurrences like this are rare with iPhone is not the first time this has happened after a Reddit users posted images of a fire damaged iPhone 7 that it believed to have exploded whilst being delivered in the mail.

On Twitter, there were at least eight reports of issues in China which Apple is said to be investigating after a consumer watchdog received a number of complaints.

Apple has not confirmed how many devices have been affected although it is believed to be around 100 in the US.


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