Apple rumoured to release three new iPhones this year


Apple is apparently to release three new iPhone models this year, claims a report from DigiTimes. The site says that a 4-inch iPhone will join the 4.7-inch iPhone 6s and 5.5-inch 6s Plus.

iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and 4-inch 6c for 2015

There were already rumours of a 4-inch iPhone back in December,  however even if there isn’t a new 4-inch iPhone added to the lineup, Apple will still probably have the iPhone 5s to offer for free on a two-year contract once the current models slide down.

DigiTimes says the 4-inch version of the iPhone 6s may be manufactured by Taiwanese company Wistron, with the regular size 6s and 6s Plus made by Foxconn. In January, a report from Chinese website said that Apple had not yet made any orders in its supply chain for the smaller 4-inch device.

Earlier this year, Apple said the new larger models had encouraged the highest number of Android switchers over the past three years, and they have attracted more new customers than previous iPhones. Apple may well believe that with more sizes on offer, the company could reach more customers, as CEO Tim Cook said that people in different regions tend to prefer different sizes (phablets, for example, are dominant in Asia).

iPhone 6c

Will the iPhone 6c look like this?

Apple is likely to announce new models in September as is now traditional – this year’s models (which will be the ninth version of the device) are expected to bump up the RAM to 2 GB (like the iPad Air 2) and also possible use the new Force Touch technology that has already made its way into the Apple Watch, the new MacBook and new 13-inch MacBook Pros.

Do you long for a new 4-inch iPhone model? Many people have said they actually prefer the smaller size of the iPhone 5s, so perhaps it’s time to update the 5c to newer internals

However, wouldn’t it be better to just release a smaller iPhone 6 featuring the same internals and premium materials, except for the smaller screen? Perhaps the 4-inch model called be called the iPhone Mini?

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SOURCE: DigiTimes


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  1. I would assume that every iOS device sold from now on will have TouchID so you can do Apple Pay even with a 4″ phone. That’ll bring in a whole new batch of users.