Apple is offering refunds for this very specific iMac issue


If you have had to replace the hinge on your iMac because if kept on tilting forward, Apple has said it will give you a refund.

The information has appeared in a new internal service document which said that the Cupertino firm will be offering refunds to anyone who has paid to replace or repair an iMac hinge that has experienced these problems.

In the document Apple admits that there was a problem with the display hinge on some 27-inch iMacs shipped between December 2012 and July 2014.

The problem is caused by the hinge being unable to support the actual weight of the screen which naturally made it impossible to adjust as it would keep returning to the same position.

The issue has officially been attributed to a faulty plastic washer used in the hinge, with customers reporting they heard a ‘pop’ or ‘crack’ sound just before the hinge stopped working properly.

The internal document was sent to Apple Authorised Service Providers and was then obtained by the reputable MacRumors site.

MacRumors claim that all hinges with this problem will be repaired regardless of warranty coverage. The warranty was in fact extended to cover 2012 and 2013 hinges back in September.

If you have already paid for a replacement or repair we recommend that you contact Apple either online or by phone.

If your hinge is currently broken then you can book an appointment at an Apple Store or by visiting an Apple Authorised Service Provider. 


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