Apple just gave you a HUGE reason to upgrade to the new iPhone


Forget the lack of a headphone jack, there is a very big reason why Apple fans will want to upgrade to the iPhone 7.

According to a new set of leaked images, the plus sized version of the iPhone 7 is to feature more internal storage than ever before, meaning you should never have to delete old photos or remove apps in order to free up some space.

For months there have been rumours that Apple will launch a 256GB version of the iPhone 7.

However, a specs sheets detailing all the key features of the iPhone 7 Plus appearing to confirm all the rumours has leaked on Chinese site Weibo.

The sheet, which is believed to have come straight from Apple’s supply chain in China, clearly shows the full details of a 25GB iPhone Plus.

This is a huge amount of internal storage for a smartphone, especially an iPhone, and would be double the amount of storage on the largest capacity iPhone 6S Plus.

256 GB iPhone 7

A leaked specs sheet which claims to detail the 256GB iPhone 7. Credit: Weibo

By comparison, this is also the same amount of storage available on Apple’s iPad Pro.

The release of the leaked images comes just days after Apple added a new tier to its iCloud service which offers a whopping 2 terabytes of storage, making it the largest amount of storage ever offered by the company.

The leaked specs sheet also suggests that Apple will ship the iPhone 7 with wireless EarPods, similar to the AirPods rumour reported earlier this week.

Apple’s decision to offer a 256GB storage space on the iPhone 7 Plus and with it offering a new storage tier on iCloud could be partly due to the new iPhone including a dual lens camera, capable to taking the type of quality photos normally only possible with an SLR.

This would of course mean the images captured will take up more storage space than standard photos.

The iPhone 7 is due to be officially unveiled at an Apple event on September 7.



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